Play as and against the best national football teams in a 8 team league format
You play through 7 match days against the best and try to end on top of the table
Same easy gameplay as our other free kick games, but with some improvements and tweaked difficulty. Brasil and Spain are now a little more difficult to beat than let's say a team like USA
In each match you are behind and have to score to tie or win. A tie will earn you 1 point, a victory 3 points

Football Champions

Football Champions

Pick one of your favorites and go for it.
Headers, volleys and bicycle kicks, all are here and it's only going to get better as this is just a demo.

2010 World Cup

World Cup / foosball edition +

Now after the World Cup, updated with additional teams for a total of 40.


Home run derby

Classic home run derby. How many home runs can you hit before getting 10 outs.
Baseball flash gaming at its best.

Bunny B-Ball

Bunny B-Ball

Pick your bunny and try to win the tournament. Awesome hoops action.

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Football lob master

Football Lob Master

16 levels of real and surreal football / soccer action. Master the lob shot.

world cup

World Cup Penalty Kick

Compete in a full World Cup style
penalty kick tournament.
Qualify from your group and win it all.